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Yammer Enterprise Social Network

Basic overview of Yammer Enterprise Social Network

World is changing all the time – and companies realize that the key to success is a new way of internal cooperation. Yammer is a business social network that helps employees from various departments, places and business apps to cooperate with each other. Yammer helps more than 200 000 important companies . it enables cooperating and all employees can participate in inovating in every phase of the process.

You can start using the service immediately. The guaranteed availability of the service is 99,9%.

The price depends on the number of users that will have licenced access to business social network Yammer. The price is stated as a fee per user, but one year subscription is always required.

Payment is made directly to Microsoft.
We accept all major credit cards

We accept all major credit cardsYammer enterprise logo

Description of Yammer

You will reach productivity throughout team cooperation

Profits increase. Better services provided. Processes streamlining. If your team cooperates, amazing things happen. Yammer improves team cooperation and helps you share ideas, encourage creativity and make decisions faster. Thanks to Yammer you will create a balance in your team, remove barriers in communication and will be in touch all the time on any device.

Engage all employees

Work force engaged into procesess means a big benefit for the company: higher productivity, bigger profits and lower fluctuation. Yammer increases employees’ engagement in a way, so that everyone gets a chance to speak – and concurrently provides tools and information, thanks to which you will be able to perform more tasks. You will improve the communication within the company with Yammer, or you can take advantage of the social network for teaching and adaptation of employees and finding the most promising ones.

You will strengthen the company’s competitiveness

You have the possibility to inovate new products and quickly adapt to the market changes. Yammer strengthens the company’s competitiveness through open communication. Thanks to that you will always be one step ahead. With Yammer you can inovate faster, adapt, react to changes and build a united culture.

Yammer is a private social network that helps you to connect with the right people, share information across teams and organize everything regarding projects. Only your co-workers can join and therefore your communication is save – only people from your organization can see it.

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• Groups are a great tool for working in team or regularly getting information about a topic. The Whole company groups is a default group, where everyone can publish – you become a member of this group automatically. You can join any public group, but you have to be invited when you want to join a private group. When you create a group, you can decide whether it will be private or public. Clicking on the Groups link you can search groups you would like to join or create a new group.
• If you follow someone, it means that you want to see his posts on your information channel. You can search people according to name in the search field or you can go through the Whole company information channel and follow users who publish posts you are interested in.
• Replies on messages are one of the main features, thanks to which Yammer is useful. When you reply on a message, you create a thread. This makes it easier to see who says what.If you want to reply on a message, click on Reply under the message and a field for response appears.
• When you mark a message as Like, the person who wrote it will get a notification that you liked it. With Like feature you can express agreement with opinions, confirm you saw the message, or just show you like what someone says. Just like on Facebook.
• Inbox directory is the one place where you can view and manage all conversations, that are most important for you within the network and set their priority. Inbox directory contains messages you follow. Among them there are private messages, notifications and conversations you participated in or have been mentioned in. You can also follow any conversations by choosing More and Follow in Inbox directory
• Information channel is your information centre. You can switch between three looks of information channel:
1. The most interesting: This is the information channel of conversations which are the most important for you based on your subscribed items and interactions with the network content.
2. All: These are all conversations you have access to within the business network.
3. Followed: These are conversations you actively subscribe. They include conversations where people that follow you participate, or those they marked as Liked, conversations marked by topic you follow or conversations published in one of your groups.