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Skype for Business Plan 2: Advanced Video conferencing for meetings and presentations

Basic overview of Skype for Business Plan 2

  • Audio and HD video conferences in real time up to 250 people
  • Group HD video calls
  • Quick messages (chat)
  • Record audio and video calls
  • Join on any device—PC/Mac, tablet, or phone
  • Schedule Skype meetings from Outlook
  • Anonymous connections to meetings from web browsers
  • Delegated management (please confirm further for remote support)

You can start using the service immediately. The guaranteed availability of the service is 99,9%.

Organizations can purchase Skype for Business as a separate service or as a part of the Office 365 set. Skype for Business is hosted on multiple-client servers supporting several customers at once. These servers are run by Microsoft and users can access them from many devices either within the business network or via Internet.

Payment is made directly to Microsoft.
We accept all major credit cards

We accept all major credit cardsSkype for Business logo

Skype for Business features

  • Obtaining real time information – including photos, availability status and location info – plus improved quick messages sending for more effective connection with others than ever.
  • Online, Offline, Busy, Away etc. status indicators are displayed in the contact lists in Office apps: Outlook, Word, Excel or SharePoint.
  • Creating, directing and engaging in prescheduled or spontaneously summoned voice or web conferences and video conferences with people within your organizations and beyond.
  • Improved online presentations by screen streaming and virtual boards using.
  • Customer has the option to participate in your conference calls in Skype for Business, even if they don’t use it themselves (via internet browser plugin)
  • Skype for Business users can add contacts from their personal Skype by clicking Add contact from Skype (available through feature Add contact outside my organization) and typing in the Microsoft account name of the particular contact. And conversely, Skype users can add contacts from Skype for Business by typing in their e-mail address into Skype search field and then clicking Add contact.
  • In cooperation with e-mail service Exchange Online, it’s possible to plan online meetings by one click in the calendar. You don’t always need to travel personally on the meetings, trainings or clients support situations and therefore can save time and money on the travelling.

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