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Microsoft SharePoint Online Plan 1: Storage, file sharing and business intranet

Basic overview of SharePoint Online Plan 1

You can start using the service immediately. The guaranteed availability of the service is 99,9%.

Organizations can purchase SharePoint Online as a separate service or as a part of the Office 365 set. SharePoint Online is hosted on multiple-client servers supporting several customers at once. These servers are run by Microsoft and users can access them from many devices either within the business network or via Internet.

Payment is made directly to Microsoft.
We accept all major credit cards

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Description of Sharepoint Online:

  • SharePoint Online offers powerful tools of SharePoint server without overhead costs for infrastructure management.
  • SharePoint Mobile app, which is available for various devices, will provide you easy acces to SharePoint information channel and option to interact with it.

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Easy management

  • Setings will not take any time. With a powerful console for management you can easily manage all preferences, policies and security of all content and functions within SharePoint. Automatic server maintenace ensures you have the latest versions of everything and don’t experience any failures.
  • New functions of archiving, eDiscovery and cases management are available in the whole SharePoint, Exchange and also Lync.
  • With the improvements of scaling, performance and SharePoint management you will be able to spend more time inovating and less time managing the infrastructure.


  • With the new Cloud apps for SharePoint module, you can create apps based on common web technologies like JavaScript, HTML and oAuth.
  • You can give access to your apps in the public Store to anyone, so that they could try them out and buy or provide them to your own employees through business catalogue.
  • Thanks to familiar design tools and flexible controls you can create dynamic intranet and internet webs, where you can share your company’s vision.


  • You will get the opportunity to connect with people in your organization to find out their interests, which projects they work on now or worked on in the past
  • Basic data can be changes into interactive lists with Excel 2013 and then published in SharePoint, so that your co-workers can gain insight into the problematics.
  • You can adjust the search and get the most relevant results. You also have recommendations of who or which documents to follow.


  • All your projects and tasks can be organized, so that you have clear overview of upcoming hand-outs in SharePoint, Outlook and Microsoft Project
  • You can create a new team web in few minutes, watch notes from meetings or put together all team e-mails and documents.
  • With OneDrive Pro, you can synchronize the SharePoint content with desktop PC to make the documents available with just one click even offline


  • With the new social network functions that are available in the whole SharePoint, you have the option to share ideas, find anwsers and see what your collegues are working on.
  • With few simple clicks you can publish content on SharePoint from any Office app and share it with people within or beyond your organization.
  • You get the option to share documents, update information channel and maintain contact with collegues with your phone or tablet.
    Reliablity and standards on big companies’ level
  • It secures data by hosting them on geographically separate data centres around the world with ongoing back up, premium recovery options ofin case crash and team of experts, that keep an eye on the servers all the time.