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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Plans & Pricing

CRM Online presents a powerful and simply used CRM solution provided via Internet, so that organizations can start using it fast and with very efficient costs. Yet it can meet the needs of every company.

23 €
  • Online and offline access in Outlook interface
  • Access via phone app
  • Access to activities and their record
  • Reading and writing of your own data fields
  • Reading and writing of basic entities (companies, persons, those who are interested, opportunities)
  • Reporting, overviews and visulizations
11,50 €
  • Online and offline access in Outlook interface
  • Access via phone app
  • Access to activities and their record

You can start using the service immediately. The guaranteed availability of the service is 99,9%.

Payment is made directly to Microsoft.
We accept all major credit cards

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CRM Online service description

Thanks to a comprehensive set of tools for marketing, sales and service, Microsoft Dynamics CRM system gives access to information about the customers in a familiar Microsoft Outlook-like interface, which helps speed up the adoption of a new product by the employees and brings instant results.

Benefits of using

CRM Online optimizes business and marketing activities and enables both new companies acquisitions and caring for existing clients. Thanks to marketing module each campaign’s costs, activities and real returns are monitored.
With the opportunities list you have a clear overview of the future contracts, their extent and the timeline. Team members’ activities can be monitored by instant overviews of their activities such as tasks fulfillment, business meetings, phone calls or e-mail communication.

CRM Online Video

CRM Online Modules

Marketing module

  • It increases the effectivity of marketing investments. It enables identifying opportunities and monitoring key performance indicators (KPI) thanks to intuitive tools for segmentation, campaign management function and marketing analysis.
  • You will be able to plan more effectively, implement and monitor campaigns through marketing work procedures, that lower the difficulty of manually performed tasks.
  • You have the access to the correct information in each phase of ongoing campaign.

Sales module

  • It optimizes the sales processes and provides the business team an integrated look on data about customers and contracts.
  • It increases the amount of executed deals through useful overviews and tools that help identify products customers might be interested in.
  • You have the option to devote your time to sales activities and not administration. Intelligent communication monitoring, work procedures automization and powerful tools limit the extent of manually added data.
  • It makes the view of the operation of your business easier and supports more informed decision-making thanks to integrated control panels, predefined lists and automized sales forecasts monitoring.

Services module

  • It gives customer support specialists the access to complete history of individual cases and customer data, in order to provide consistent services, that will increase the customers’ loaylty and increase the profits in long-term.
  • It will allow you to take advantage of flexible service planning and the possibilities of knowledge base for getting access to required material and consequent fast problem solving.
  • CRM Online is a comprehensive solution for customer services with support of user-familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook app, which is easily adjustable for specific needs of particular services provider.

CRM Online service characteristics


  • CRM Online makes management easier, because it provides constant monitoring and app maintenance.
  • It enables creating and adding users immediately, so that employees can start using the system very quickly.
  • New versions and updates are easily distributed to the users without any downtime or costly management of repairs and upgrades.
  • CRM Online is an affordable solution with flexible payment options, which help organizations estimate the costs. The price model with payment according to utilization enables transferring investment costs onto regular operational costs.


  • The option of changing number of users up and down based on your business needs
  • The architecture provides complete autonomy as far as the operation, management and security are concerned.
  • The feature for managing customers and users are designed to achieve the maximum level of self-sufficiency. Customer has complete control over all aspects of data structure, user interface, business intelligence tools and business processes management.


  • CRM Online uses comprehensive access to security, from the app development to operation and management of the service.
  • The solution is managed by highly qualified workers of Microsoft data center operations sector. Microsoft aquired needed acreditations according to ISO norms and SAS70 Type II atest.
  • Even if the data is stored in Microsoft’s cloud, they are always a property of the users themselves and Microsoft never uses them for commercial purposes.


  • Long-term experience with the operation and Microsoft’s investments into cloud services bring the customers assurance and possibility to concentrate on their own business.
  • System elements are configured with the use of redundance, that prevents weak spots creation.
  • Microsoft guarantees 99,9% availability and as one of few companies it offers a contract with potential financial sanctions if there is a failure to comply the contract.